Solar Solutions

New York Generator Solutions (and New York Solar Solutions) also provides complete solar energysolarpanelhome-a systems for residential and commercial installations. We supply all components including panels, collectors, tanks, mounting systems, control units, and monitoring electronics.

That means you get everything from one source, ensuring interoperability and greatly simplifying replacements and upgrades. It also means that the different elements of your solar energy system are optimized to give you the best total performance.

  • High efficiency
    Our technology delivers high output, guaranteed.
  • Design
    New York Solar Solutions works with the best component designers to offer high-end products that blend in perfectly with your home and commercial building.
  • Fast installation
    Utilizing commercial grade building technologies, our systems are fast and easy to install with minimum impact on the roof and extremely short installation times.
  • Convenience
    Our solar thermal systems are very long-lasting and low maintenance. Our photovoltaic systems use world-leading inverters that digitally display the kWh produced. We also offer wireless devices that remotely show the output of your personal power plant - the perfect way to share your sustainability commitment with family and friends.
  • Guaranteed performance
    We stand behind what we sell.
  • Reduced energy costs
    You'll be lowering your energy bill from day one.
  • Durability and reliability
    We engineer our systems to give you many years of dependable service.
  • Tested excellence
    The quality of our solar products is second to none, and we make sure of it at our Technology Center, one of the best-equipped testing facilities in the world. Our systems are tested under simulations of vicious hail, torrential rain, high winds, and anything else the weather can dish out. You can have complete confidence in our solar products.


So Why Go Solar?

Because you'll lower your utility bills, gain energy independence, and help create a better environment and a better future. It's easy to do, easy to live with, and it pays for itself.


Building Sustainability

solarpanelhome-aWe offer low-maintenance, high-performance systems engineered for long life and designed to fit today's lifestyles. Our fully integrated photovoltaic systems generate electricity from sunlight. Our thermal systems turn sunlight into hot water. Our mounting systems are strong and safe, and fit any roof. We can answer any other questions you have, and help select the right system for your home.

Turn your home into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy. You'll become part of the solution to global warming. You'll also gain independence from rising energy costs. New York Solar Solutions is a highly qualified professional company that can answer all of your questions about solar, and install a system that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle. Whether you choose photovoltaic, thermal, or both, you'll enjoy dependable renewable energy, lower utility bills, and personal satisfaction for many years to come.

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